Parent: Alonzo Coley

Athlete: Amir

Football, Track & Field

Age: 8

When Amir was 5 he started playing football with 6 and 7 yr old.  Because of his size he didn't get a lot of opportunities on the field except for defense because he wasn't afraid to hit people.  After the 1st season I was going thru Facebook and saw one of my track athletes that I coach training.  Amir saw the video and immediately asked could he do that.  At the time NLYT was only advertising for kids 8 and older.  But I called anyway and they told me if he could pay attention they would work with him.  From that moment on we have been apart of the NLYT family. 


There's nothing like the training coach Jon and coach Tony gives to these kids.  My son never ran anything in track over 400 meters until last year.  He started the season running 7:24 in the mile and 4:00 in the 800.  At the end of the season he was running a sub 6 min mile with a personal best of 5:55.95.  And a sub 3 minute 800 with a personal best of 2:58.25.  All at the age of 7 yrs old.


Everything coach Jon and coach Tony do is for these kids and if you believe in them and stick with it, your kids will do things you never thought was possible!!!!!


Oh yeah, I forgot about what it has done for him on the football field.  But if you wanna see, just take a look for yourself.




Athlete: Keith

Track & Field


Training with coach Jon give me an opportunity to be a stronger and faster athlete.  Coach Jon's activities/workouts indulges in every muscle of your body, forcing you to push yourself past your limit.  It might be painful in the process, but at the end it will be all worth it.  You will no longer have to struggle in the end of that race or the last 2:00 of that 4th quarter, because you already passed your limit.  So your strong enough to continue without fatigue.

Parent: Alan & Cheryl Smith

Athlete: Alan II

Track & Field and Swimming

Age: 10

I was introduced to coach Tony and coach Jon in 2016 through members of my church who's opinion I hold in high regard.  Was told they were very good trainers and equally very high character men.  Through my observation he was right.  I am very pleased with my son's progress and development.  And I am impressed with where my son is now compared to last year.  My wife and I are so pleased we are leaving our former track club to join coach Tony's club.  And best of all the prices are great.  They are more concerned for athletes development than money, which is always good.  I highly recommend them for training.  

Parent: Jeana Moody

Athlete: Princess

Track & Field and Soccer

Age: 12

USATF & AAU Track & Field All American

Princess started about three years ago at the age of 9 with NLYT.  As a Marlboro track athlete, she found another place where she could hone and develop her talents.  Princess worked hard and tirelessly to become the number 1 Potomac Valley Regional Champion for AAU and USATF.  She competed in Florida at the National Club Championship and won the Triathlon.  She increased her high jump height to 4'3, considering at the time she was only 4'5, that was a huge accomplishment.

Parent: Kim Johnson

Athlete: Khaiya Johnson

Track & Field

Age: 12

USATF Track & Field All American

My daughter started the NLYT journey back in September 2016, and I can definitely say the experience has been rewarding.  I was skeptical at first because I hear of so many stories of athletes being injured due to having multiple trainers.  But with reassurance, I'm glad I chose this route because it's been a tremendous advantage by enhancing my daughter's performance and techniques.  Khaiya expresses how sometimes she gets frustrated, but is determined and focused to perfect her craft and just push through it.  It's relieving to know, with both coach Jon's and coach Tony's experience, expertise and skills, my child is in great hands and she'll be molded into an even better athlete than before.  I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to coach Jon for reaching out and believing in Khaiya.  I strongly suggest their services and you won't be disappointed.

Parent: Tony Valentine

Athlete: Jordan

Track & Field


Coach Jon was highly recommended by Jordan's High School track coach.  My son has improved on his technique, agility, strength, quickness and his time has even improved since he stared mid November.  My son looks forward to working with him.  I recommend all my friends and family to take their kids to him if they want results.