At NLYT your athlete will receive dedicated training sessions on coordination, form, strength, power, agility, speed and technique.  As certified Vertimax trainers, we utilize the top rated equipment used by Professional teams, Colleges, Universities and elite athletes around the world.  We are considered a knowledgeable training facility by Vertimax.  Our training program will help your athlete develop into an explosive player through our methods of muscle memory training.  Every NLYT athlete will become faster, agile and explosive in the core areas of movement that pertain to their sport.  Your athlete will leave our training sessions excited and motivated for competition with the physical and mental ability to compete.

What some happy NLYT athletes say:  

"My athlete went from outside of the top 20 to running in the finals every week".

"Training with Coach Jon gives me the opportunity to be a stronger and faster athlete".

"Coach Tony pushes me every session to give it everything I got.  Because of that, I'm now a starter on my team".